Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations

By CASS DS Team 24th October 2018

To celebrate Mid Autumn Festival and Father’s Day, our Peakhurst Centre Based Day Program participants and staff wanted to use this opportunity to visit the Hua An Seniors Group in Campsie. After the joyous visit for Mother’s Day, the participants and Seniors were excited to see each other again.

In preparation for the special occasion, Peakhurst Day Program participants and staff worked hard to craft beautiful, handmade snow skin mooncakes. With the helpful assistance of staff, the participants were able to create nearly 100 mooncakes filled with red bean, black sesame and chestnut. The participants had great fun creating the skin, adding the filling, forming the mould and carefully wrapping each mini mooncake.

On the day of the celebration, 4 participants and 2 staff visited the Hua An Group. Once there, they were greeted by friendly faces and whole heartedly welcomed to join in on the singing and dancing. The participants handed out the mooncakes to everyone and then they all enjoyed lunch together. It was a day full of fun, laughter and happiness!

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