CASS Centre Based Day Programs support the ongoing development of each person through the provision of individually tailored opportunities. Our programs assist people with disability from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) communities to develop the skills they need in order to increase their independence, participate as valued and active community members and achieve their personal goals. 


About CASS Centre Based Day Programs

Community Participation and Social Integration

Our programs support integration and participation in the community through a wide range of activities.

We regularly visit a variety of places – national parks and sites, shopping centres, swimming pools, activity centres (bowling, cycling), cinemas, playgrounds, etc.

Our community activities include visiting libraries, galleries, museums and historical sites.

Independent Skills

Our programs and activities encourage personal development and enhance daily living skills. We aim at building skills in areas such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Fine motor skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Personal care
  • Shopping and money handling
  • Using public transport
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Computer skills
  • Any other services tailored to meet individual needs

We aim to maximise independence and autonomy through developing and enabling educational, life and vocational skills of our service users.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Our Centre Based Day Programs are specifically designed to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of people with disability from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) communities. We also offer individualised support and expertise in a range of tailor made activities. Our goal is to assist participants in developing positive interests and allow them to have a range of new and exciting experiences through these activities.

We render various sports and recreational programs including, but not limited to:

  • Culturally specific programs and activities, such as:  cooking of ethnic dishes, outings or assisting our service users in exploring any other cultural interests, etc.
  • Music and Singing
  • Creative Arts and Craft
  • Sports, e.g. table tennis, football, Frisbee, ball games, bowling, etc.
  • Yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Shopping and cooking

We also provide access to individual and group therapeutic support in a variety of forms that best suits the individuals.